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Company Profile

Beyond 360 is one stop business information platform and intelligence provider to the businesses and organizations around the globe through our expert trainers, consultants, speakers and latest product research and development support. Rapidly evolving business environment and competition in corporate sectors underpins the idea of arranging world class corporate training, workshops and business conferences and conducting in house training programs and solutions that serve as catalyst to help major economic players to achieve their corporate goals. We always strive to provide up to date market intelligence to make more productive decisions and develop well equipped work force and to keep industry players one step ahead.

Beyond 360 delivers business intelligence through well researched training for different sectors, leadership summits and soon corporate conferences. Strategically aligning business information platforms, which offers network and bench-marking opportunity of Industry players beside learning takeaways that enable clients to remain competitive in deriving latest information about business trends, corporate strategies and attaining international exposure

Vision, Philosophy & Values


To serve as bridge between organizations and up-to-date business trend intelligence through interactive and designated learning environment

Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe that 'Learning is always fun with Beyond 360. In today's increasingly competitive environment, where people are often the key differentiator, organisations need to think beyond the norm and continually raise the level of talent and skills within their organisation. That is why we are all about creating and maintaining long term partnerships with our clients and training participants.


  • INTEGRITY: Ensure transparency and honesty in our business operations

  • INNOVATION: Always strive for providing up to date and innovative business intelligence solutions

  • QUALITY: We believe in quality that doesn't simply meet, but exceed expectations. We set very high benchmark of quality of ourselves, and we constantly strive to ensure our clients satisfaction with every training program we deliver. Our quality promise is backed by our passion and our money-back guarantee.

  • PASSION: We don't just run a training business! We are passionate about learning, about sharing knowledge and about making a difference, both professionally and personally, in the lives of our training participants.

  • ETHICS: We stand by our moral code of professionals conduct and ethics in all our dealings with internal and external stake holders.

  • CUSTOMER CENTRICITY: Our approach to customer service is simple - our customers comes first! Our expanding client base is a testament to our positive, professional and tireless attitude towards serving and supporting our customers needs from A to Z, with a special emphasis on post-training follow-up.

Our Expertise, Products & In-House Services

Knowledge and Business intelligence are our core products. In house training courses can be tailored to the specific needs of the clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency. We provided course from technical to managerial domains most importantly for management and leadership, business skills and key corporate sectors. Our Corporate workshops, conferences and in-house training offer a global converge of all major business sectors as follows;

Human Resource


Shopping Malls

Admin/EA's & PA's Training


Information Technology


Marketing & Branding

Power & Utilities

Supply Chain & Logistics

Transport & Infrastructure


Sales and Motivational Coaching


Leadership and Management

EPC Project Management



Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage






Physical / Infrastructure Security

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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