The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

3rd - 4th February, 2020 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Key Learning Points

  • Increased personal effectiveness and self-knowledge, thecornerstone of leadership

  • Enhanced effectiveness at establishing and maintaining relationships at all levels, including enhanced personal influence

  • Capability in managing and leading change, driving collaboration, alignment and engagement

  • Capability in transformational leadership, including understanding the link between strategy, structure and culture

  • Enhanced learning agility


Why You Should Attend

The world is changing quickly, with disrupti on a key dynamic in many industries and organisations. High performance leaders understand the need to develop new capabilities to match this changing environment.

Research tells us that the high performance Leader of the future will be:

  • Comfortable with navigating complex and ambiguous environments

  • Future-focused, optimistic and resilient

  • Stakeholder focused, building and maintaining effective relationships towards collaboration

  • An agile learner with strong change capability


Outcomes From The Sessions

  • Develop self-awareness and understanding of impact on others

  • Develop a clear personal brand as a leader

  • Develop personal influence and impact

  • Leading strategically to positively impact culture

  • Identify and break-down silos that restrict collaboration

  • Develop learning agility through goal setting and action planning


You can anticipate a fast moving and practical program with 2 Top Assessments;

FIRO-Business Leadership assessment and Influence Style Indicator Assessment, under-pinned by an engaging facilitation style that draws on 20 plus years of experience globally. Sessions will include experiential exercises, cases, small and larger group discussions and the opportunity to reflect on professional practice.


The main reasons a C-Suite Executive should attend this course:

  • Learning about and developing the capabilities for future performance

  • Developing enhanced self-awareness, the cornerstone of effective organisational leadership, relationship management and personal influence

  • Develop learning agility as an essential and ongoing ingredient of success

  • A high impact learning experience delivered in a compact timeframe

  • Leave the program feeling capable, confident and refreshed – ready to take on the next set of complex challenges



FIRO-Business Leadership Assessment:

Building on the history and reliability of the FIRO® model over 50 years, the FIRO Business® instrument has been developed to address the specific requirements of organisations. The FIRO Business® instrument helps you develop great leaders while improving organisational performance. It is particularly valuable to businesses because it quickly gathers key insights for relating to direct reports, superiors and peers, influencing and negotiating, making decisions and setting priorities.

The instrument uses scale names featuring more business-focused language – Involvement, Influence, and Connection. It has only 30 items for an even shorter administration time and is ideal for global use, with scoring based on sample norms in 10 languages.

As the FIRO® approach links directly to behaviour, it makes it easier for participants to facilitate behavioural change.



Influence Style Indicator Assessment:

Influence Style Indicator® is an assessment instrument designed to understand an individual’s preferred style as they influence others. After engaging with this powerful assessment tool leaders will:

  • Learn about five unique influencing styles

  • Examine what their chosen influence style looks like to others

  • Understand when their personal style is best used and what the potential pitfalls may be

  • Determine best opportunities to flex their style to address a variety of situations

  • Improve the ability to connect with others using a variety of influencing styles

  • Investigate how timing and discretion are important considerations in influencing

  • Reach an understanding of how influencing styles can impact organizational decision making

  • Be able to identify others’ preferred style



Who Should Attend

This program has been designed for General Managers and Senior Managers with at least 3 years of leadership experience, or Senior Managers with significant and complex leadership responsibilities from organisations of any size. Participants with backgrounds in the private, nonprofit or public sector are encouraged to attend.

Kindly request brochure, to find out more about The Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

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